Holi During Pregnancy

While at first glance Holi may seem like a joyous occasion for everyone, many soon-to-be mothers might find themselves pondering the question of whether or not they should partake in the festivities this year. The reason behind this uncertainty stems from the potential risks posed by the toxic colors used during Holi celebrations, which could pose serious harm to both the expecting mother and her unborn child’s well-being. Despite these concerns, fret not for there are ways to ensure a safe and enjoyable Holi experience throughout your pregnancy journey!

Risk of playing Holi with toxic colours

Artificial colours, powders and liquid colours are frequently used when playing Holi. They may contain a variety of toxins, including lead, mercury, industrial colors and pastes, motor oil, grease, and other hazardous materials like glass particles that are toxic to everyone but especially to pregnant women. Vegetable dyes, flower petals, dry and wet herbal colours, on the other hand, are healthy for expectant mothers.

The skin, mouth and nose are all entry points for toxic colours into the body. So, it can even lead to infection, discomfort and even a cold. Hence, it is necessary to protect yourself from toxic colours.

Sugary foods should be avoided by diabetic pregnant women since they may impair the baby’s development and blood sugar levels. More so in females with gallstones and liver illness, fried food can make you feel sick, make you throw up, and make you acidic!

Bhang-containing thandai should be avoided since it contains a narcotic that can harm the brain and cause dizziness and changed senses. The baby’s nervous system and brain may potentially be impacted.

Make sure your spouse and anyone from your family is nearby when you play Holi so they can support you if you lose your balance or can provide you with anything you want or need?!?!

Tips to play a safe Holi during pregnancy

  1. If you must travel, consult your doctor first. Make suitable travel arrangements, avoid overexertion, and rest before and after your trip. Some women may require uterine relaxants, They are used to prevent premature labour and allow the embryonic lungs to grow.
  2. To play Holi, only use natural or herbal colours??
  3. Cover your body well before playing Holi. Wear a comfortable, fit long-sleeved top; cover the neck as much as possible, and fit maternity trousers! If needed, exposed areas such as eyes, hands, and feet can be covered with glasses, a mask, and gloves???
  4. Do not forget to apply moisturizer to your face and body and then apply oil to your face, body, and scalp! Remove the color as quickly as possible.
  5. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses! This will keep the dry color powder or wet color from getting into your eyes, which can be uncomfortable.
  6. Take your medications on time and stay hydrated before and during the Holi celebration???
  7. Avoid skipping meals or indulging in junk food?? Make sure you eat at the right time.
  8. Steer clear of fried sweets and snacks! Or consume them in moderation??

What to do if Holi colors get into your eyes, mouth, and nose?

Women should blow their noses out and wash their nostrils with warm, flowing water if they accidentally inhale the dry powder! If a lot is swallowed, they must continually cleanse their mouth?!? Wash your eyes or the area that is causing itching or any other unpleasant sensations if you have an instant reaction to colour or if the color accidentally gets into your eyes. If it does not get better within a reasonable amount of time, you should seek immediate medical attention?

Pregnancy is joyful, and so is Holi. But you cannot be careless during this time! So make sure you follow the instructions and have a safe time at the festival.

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